Last week, we were asked, “How Much Does Melasma Treatment Cost in the United Kingdom?” This skin condition detracts from your beauty. That is a proven fact. We all want to look younger and more beautiful. Melasma, fortunately, does not cause other symptoms and may even fade on its own over time.

However, it is best to learn the cost of treatment in the United Kingdom and fight it as soon as possible. What is the cost of melasma treatment in the United Kingdom? Continue reading to find out.

The cost of melasma treatment can range from £50 to £2500, depending on the treatment chosen. Because treatment for melasma is not medically necessary, most insurers will not cover the drugs or procedures used to treat it. However, 2% hydroquinone creams are available without a prescription. These are usually priced at around £100 or more.

Hydroquinone, which can reduce melanin in the skin, is typically used as the first line of treatment for the condition. Prescription creams and gels containing at least 4% hydroquinone typically cost £200. In general, the price is determined by whether you purchase a name brand or its generic equivalent.

Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion are the most effective treatments for melasma, but they can cost up to £2,000 or more in the United Kingdom. It is, however, contingent on the total number of treatment sessions. Laser resurfacing may be used in severe cases. The procedure can cost between £100 and £5,000 in total. This is determined by the size of the surface, the type of laser, the individual centre, and its regional location.

How Much Does Melasma Treatment Cost in the United Kingdom?

What Is the Cost of Melasma Treatment in the United Kingdom? In some areas, spot removal begins at $100 for a 20-minute session. However, in some areas of the United Kingdom, laser treatment can cost up to £4,000, including consulting fees, visit fees, anaesthesia, and medication. The best part about spending this money is that you will have beautiful, smooth skin as a result.

If topical medications do not work, physical treatments may be effective in removing melasma. For example, in some areas of the United Kingdom, a chemical peel for melasma can cost up to £300. However, depending on the centre and location, the price can range from £250 to £500.