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Million dollar Male

The Million dollar Male

Men can also treat themselves

The Million Dollar Facial is not just for the ladies. This Facial is a 10 step protocol leaving you with the best results. Your Skin will be deep cleaned and refreshed after this 1 hour treatment. Go on men, treat yourself!

  • Gets Rid of tired lines

  • Helps with smile lines

  • Some Wrinkles

  • Softer younger Skin

I cant believe the results from the Million Dollar Male facial. I expected not to see any results if I am honest, but the smile lines around my eyes have completely disappeared and dramatically reduced the lines on my forehead. I also couldn’t believe how clean my skin looked and felt after. Will definitely be back for another.

“If you are thinking of trying a facial then i would recomend the Million Dollar Male as its amazing, My skin feels and looks 10 years younger all thanks to Sophie Pearce…”.

John Pearson

Feel a Million Dollars Today.

Book a Million Dollar treatment this month and receive a 15{76840bf4f86868cbdf5c61af21d1fdebf6686eb295b53e9fa6130c772d7b389c} off your first time.